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Exact Macola Progression

Progression has been a reliable ERP application of Exact Macola for almost 20 years. Last year's rollout of Macola 10 demonstrates Exact Macola's commitment to maintain a leading edge in ERP technology. For that reason, Progression remains a legacy application that will be updated only from time to time.

iPro has many customers running their businesses on this version of Exact Macola. We understand the importance of the solution to your success and we remain available to consult with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your Progression investment.

If you are a Progression user, please take the opportunity to review the latest version and its supported platforms. You may want to update. There will be bug fixes and minor enhancements that will increase the value of your Exact Macola investment. Any update will require the customer to be current on their annual maintenance.

iPro encourages all our Progression and Macola ES users to consider upgrading to Macola 10. Please note there is no migration path from Progression to Macola ES.

iPro can assist you with specific data migration paths to ensure that all your data translates into the newer, more optimal Macola 10. Please reach out to us and we can help you understand the migration path, hardware and software requirements, implementation and training considerations that make for a seamless and successful upgrade that fits your budgetary considerations as well as accommodates the growth and the dynamics of your business.

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